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Projection mapped wedding cake debuts from Disney Fairytale Weddings with Cinderella, Tinker Bell special effects

Posted By Charlie on Miscellaneous - Disney Fairytale Weddings has unveiled a magical new way to making wedding cakes come to life. Using projection mapping technology, Imagineers have made Cinderella's carriage glide across layers of a white cake or even Tinker Bell fly across its tiers.

Touring Imagineering with Joe Rohde checks one off the Disney bucket list, reveals hallowed theme park history

Posted By Charlie on Walt Disney World Miscellaneous - Recently I was able to cross an item of my very large Disney bucket list. During a Disneyland vacation, I was able to secure a visit to the inner sanctum of Disney: the Walt Disney Imagineering headquarters located in Glendale, California.

Disney Fairytale Weddings Launches Wedding Cake Projection Mapping

Posted By Charlie on Miscellaneous - Remember a while back when Disney was making waves in tech circles for, well, food reasons? At that time, several tech outlets were all abuzz with the news that Disney had filed a patent application for an “interactive cake.” Well, this week, Disney has finally let the cat out of the bag as it introduced Disney Wedding Cake Projection Cake Mapping at its Fairytale Weddings Expo. And it actually looks pretty cool.

Disney Moves Toward the Next Generation of Air-Powered Animatronics

Posted By Charlie on Miscellaneous - Check out the latest from Disney Research: an air-powered "animatronic" arm. Why is this a big deal? Traditional animatronics use heavy motors and/or potentially leaky hydraulics. That makes it difficult to craft an animatronic that's not only lifelike in its movements, but light enough not to consume large amounts of energy, not to create substantial wear and tear and to be able to be used safely in close proximity to human guests.

How will Disney bring more 'Star Wars' to its theme parks?

Posted By Charlie on Miscellaneous - What will Disney's Star Wars Land look like?The latest blue-sky concept for Disneyland's version of the new land have hit the Internet, but Disney's nowhere near hiring contractors and putting shovels in the ground. The idea, as last we've heard, is for Disney to announce Star Wars Land at the D23 Expo in August 2015, though the actual plans for the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of the land might not be completed until after that, based on how quickly Imagineers can incorporate elements from the upcoming Star Wars trilogy.

Look, up in the sky! It's the Disney drones!

Posted By Charlie on Miscellaneous - Wow! There's so much news happening this week that we're going to run our Insider's Update recap a couple of days early. And we've got some exciting news about the Theme Park Insider website to share, too.First, if you're a Jungle Cruise fan, just stop what you're doing and watch this video right now:It's Tokyo Disney's delightfully cheesy promo video for its Jungle Cruise reboot, which debuts September 8. The revamped version of the attraction will have new lighting effects and other special show effects.